About Us

Imaging Expressions has been building commercial frames for over 15 years. Located in the heart of Kansas City, Imaging Expressions started out by supplying the photo lab industry with finished frames and has continued to grow and evolve to meet their client's needs and demands.

Over the past five years, Imaging Expressions has expanded into serving the hospitality and healthcare industries to help meet the specific nature of those industries clientele.

Imaging Expressions prides itself on our highly qualified and understanding staff; available to help our customers with all of their design needs. With a facility located centrally in Kansas City, we are capable of meeting any deadline and delivery date as well as being able to offer the most competitive pricing available and short shipping times to any location in the country. All frames are produced on site and we use only state of the art equipment, including double miter saws, automated mat cutters and semi-automatic gallery wrap canvas stretchers to ensure the quality and repeatability of all of our products.

Our team has the expertise to complete all of our frames in a detailed and professional manner coupled with our expansive inventory of moldings and our access to art work for all tastes. This allows us to be able to offer frames that are designed to meet you and your client's needs at the most competitive cost.